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She is young at Heart! Raised in NYC by her older sister, Doris. Bernice is a proud Latina business owner who is family-oriented, loves Pink and enjoys fashion. The simple things in life make her happy. It's never so much about the price tag, as it is about the value, says Bernice. What does it add to your self-care or self worth, including your mental state? And ultimately, Bernice believes it's "how we wear any given thing" "how we strut our stuff in any given way," that makes a pretty valuable difference. (Emotionally & Mentally) Along with the color pink, Bernice finds joy in heels, dramatic accessories, and make up. She loves family outings, dancing and more so helping others. She is a mother of two, and is extremely close to her adult daughter, Destiny, who she considers her right hand Gal. Without her daughter Destiny, Bernice says she is nothing. After years of using and wearing other brands' pink lipstick, praying to God ,Bernice decided to get into the fashion and make up world, establishing her very own pink lipstick brand. Bernice says, she wanted to create something that is fun, pretty and soft.  Bernice started out with creating her favorite color pink lip wear. A vibrant and long-lasting color lip-wear for women that enjoy the color PINK.  Psychology says, In general, pink is a color that evokes positive feelings related to tenderness, delicacy, childishness, and, in the adult sphere, romantic love, without sexual overtones.  Thereafter she continued to embrace her passion by creating additional shades of lipstick and adding fashionable apparel  and accessories to her brand.                                  

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